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Mint vs checkbook spreadsheet software.

Georges Excel Checkbook Register is a Microsoft Excel based checkbook software that helps manage your personal finances.

Mint is a free online personal finance software. Mint is cloud based and requires you to create an account at and sign in. While mint is free software, it is ad supported so mint users receive targeted ads when using the mint software. Mint Premium is a subscription based option without the ads and includes enhanced features.

Georges Excel Checkbook Register is subscription free software that only requires a one time payment for particular version. This is cost benefit over time and also does not require the hassle a managing subscription software. With so many subscription services out there, there is software now dedicated to just help you manage your subscriptions such as which subscriptions are active vs cancelled and when the subscriptions recurring billings are due.

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Georges Excel Checkbook Register

  • Georges Excel Checkbook Register v7


    Rev. J.B. in Oklahoma, USA

    Brilliant Simplicity!

    This checkbook register spreadsheet has simplified my personal financial recordkeeping. It's super easy to use, and any questions that come up have been quickly and thoroughly answered. I recommend this highly, it's worth many times the asking price.

    Verified Customer Review

  • Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8


    TOM P. in Arizona, USA

    No more QuickBooks

    I have been using quick books for several years. When I purchased a new laptop I couldn’t transfer the quick books program over because they now require you to pay a yearly fee to use it. So I started looking for a new program to use. I only use it for my personal home finances as a check book register. I purchased George’s Excel Checkbook Register. It’s easy to use works great and very affordable. I’m very pleased with it and very happy I found it.
    Verified Customer Review

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Customer Feedback: Georges Excel Checkbook Register v5

Charles W. in Ohio, USA
Quicken Killer
After 30+ years of Quicken and it’s constant mistakes and errors I have found a suitable replacement. Yes I have to fill the cells myself, but takes far less time diagnosing bad programming.
Verified Customer Review

Georges Excel Checkbook Register

Mint Alternatives that use Micorsoft Excel to create amazing Checkbook Software

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