Top Excel Templates and Spreadsheets

Find the best Excel Spreadsheet Templates to help you get organized, manage your personal finances, stay fit, loose weight, save time and save money.


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Personal Finance Spreadsheets

The a great Excel templates at can help a college student budget, budgeting for a single personal, a married couples family budget, or even a retiree budgeting on a fixed income. These spreadsheet tools are fun to use and easy to see where you stand with visual financial dashboards and charts to help you stay financially organized. Check out some of the top Excel personal finance spreadsheets:


Mortgage Calculators

If you are looking to pay off your mortgage early and be mortgage free, here are some great mortgage calculators to help you. The mortgage calculator spreadsheet shows you how much money you are saving in interest from making additional principal payments. You can compare several mortgage scenarios side-by-side to see which one gives you the best savings and affordable payment to meet your personal budget. The Excel mortgage payment calculator calculates your monthly mortgage payment based on the mortgage loan amount, interest rate and length of the loan. The Mortgage calculator spreadsheet also gives you an amortization table over the life of the loan.


Wedding Budget Spreadsheets

Are you planning a wedding in the near future? If you are planning to keep your wedding on a budget, here are some great wedding budget spreadsheets to help you keep your wedding plans organized. Knowing your wedding costs and setting a budget for each wedding category such as the reception and food can you help plan ahead, budget appropriately, and save money.


Weight Loss Trackers

Losing Weight is a great goal. Here are some easy to use Weight Loss Excel Templates to help you track your actual weight and compare it to your weight goals. See your weight loss progress in Excel charts and tables to visualize your success. This tool is can also be used by those looking to gain weight. Track your goals to whether you are trying to lose pounds fast or put on weight. There are weight tracker apps for the iPhone and weight tracker for android phones so you can track your weight on the go.


Fitness Planners

Simple Excel templates to keep track of your fitness goals in simple calendars. The fitness planner spreadsheets track your workout routines in monthly, weekly, or year a glance calendar views. Track is exercise was completed or not. The Excel Fitness Planners and track your your weight loss or weight gain goals so you can track both your weight and exercise goals in the same Excel spreadsheet and get a better view of your health goals.


Calendar Planners

Simple Excel Calendar Planners to help you plan for events, appointments and more. Includes monthly calendar spreadsheets, full year calendar spreadsheets, birthday calendar planner, and holiday calendar planner.


Grocery Shopping List Apps

Printable grocery list spreadsheets make shopping easy do you don't forget any food items and save time and money at the grocery store.




Checkout the YouTube video below on how to find the best Excel Templates and Spreadsheets. Whether you use Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, consider these powerful Microsoft Excel Templates with amazing Dashboards to Visualize your data.