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Georges Excel Car Loan Calculator v2.0

Georges Excel Car Loan Calculator v2.0

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Car payment calculator to help estimate your monthly car payment when financing a car loan or refinancing car loan.  Simple car loan calculator spreadsheet that helps you quickly estimate and compare different car loan amounts, interest rates and years of loan.

Using this Microsoft Excel template, enter the car loan amount, car loan interest rate, and length of car loan in years and then the estimated monthly car payment is automatically calculated based on those three variables.  Also, the total interest over the life of the car loan is estimated based on the interest rate that you enter. Finding the best car loan rates is important to help reducing the overall interest on the car loan when financing or refinancing your car loan.

Georges Excel Car Loan Calculator helps you calculate monthly car payments to help you see if you can afford car loan and monthly car payment and see if the monthly auto payments are within your car budget. No need to try to figure out what the Excel car payment formula is to calculate monthly car payment since all Excel car loan formulas have been already created so that your monthly car  payments are automatically calculated when you enter car loan amount, car loan interest rate, and term of car loan.

The Excel car loan formulas using the car loan comparison tool compares two car loans side by side so you can easily see which monthly car payment best fits into your monthly car budget. When comparing the car loans side by side, there is a Excel chart which displays the monthly payment each of auto loan and the difference in amount between the two car loan scenarios. When comparing the two car loans, it will also highlight the car loan with highest payment, the car loan with the lowest interest over the life of the loan, and the auto loan with the shortest length of loan (loan term).

If you are purchasing a new car or purchasing a used car and do not have the cash do pay for the car in full, then financing a car purchase using a car loan is another option. To lower the monthly car payment, you can add a car down payment using cash for part of the price of the car and then finance the balance using a car loan. This is where a car payment calculator can help estimate your car payments and interest costs.

If you plan to finance a car purchase, there are several options to help reduce the monthly car payment:

  1. You can increase the cash down payment which may require delaying your car purchase to save up more money,
  2. Find the best interest rate to help lower the interest costs
  3. Increase the length of the loan. However, increasing the term of the car loan also increases the total interest cost over the life of the car loan.
  4. Buy a cheaper car that is less expensive but still meets your overall goals for car reliability, car safety and car size.

The car loan calculator allows you to adjust these variables to see the impact on the estimated monthly car payment:

  • car loan amount
  • interest rate on car loan
  • loan term (max of 8 years for this car payment calculator)

Whether your in the market to buy a new car or buy a used car, if you are planning to finance your car and take out a car loan, then this Excel car payment calculator can you calculate a monthly car payment that you can afford and that fits in your monthly car budget.

You can use this Excel car payment calculator spreadsheet on your desktop computer, laptop computer or mobile device as long has you meet the required system requirements. The car loan payment estimator is delivered as a digital download.

Please note that all amounts calculated using the car payment calculator are only estimates so for example, the Excel template calculates the estimated monthly car payment and the estimated total interest cost based on the information that you enter in. If you apply for a car loan, get approved and then entered into and signed a contract for an actual car loan, you would need to refer to your bank or other lending institution and loan contract for actual payments due, interest rate, and interest costs over life of car loan.

This car loan calculator spreadsheet is for calculating the loan payments related to the purchase of a new car or used car, it does not calculate car lease payments and it does not compare leasing a car vs buying a car. Also, if you are planning on making extra payments on your car loan, this Excel template is not an Excel car loan calculator with extra payments. Also, this Excel template does not include any car loan amortization tables.

In addition to a car payment calculator Excel template that you can use on your own computer and save information to, here is a simple free online car payment calculator.


System requirements:

  • PC with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, Excel 2021, or Excel for Office 365 (Excel for Microsoft 365).
    (standalone version of Microsoft Excel or part of Office 365 subscription / Microsoft 365 subscription)
  • Mac Computer with Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel 2021 for Mac, or Excel for Office 365 for Mac (Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac).
    (standalone version of Microsoft Excel or part of Office 365 subscription / Microsoft 365 subscription)
  • Car Payment Calculator spreadsheet is not compatible with Google Sheets (Google Spreadsheets)
  • Supported in the United States, Canada, and Australia as amounts are formatted with the $ symbol.

License Terms:

By purchasing you agree with the License Terms / Terms of Sale.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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Bill W. (New Hampshire)
Doesn’t seems to work with IOS Numbers app

I thought if the spreadsheet would work on a Mac it would work with Numbers

Hi Bill,
The car loan spreadsheet template was created using Microsoft Excel. The car loan calculator works great on Mac computers as long as your computer has one of the required versions of Microsoft Excel noted on the product page. The Numbers app (which is Apple Inc. proprietary spreadsheet) is not compatible with all the features and formulas of Microsoft Excel.