Quicken Alternatives: Non-Subscription Budget Spreadsheet Templates

Quicken vs Spreadsheet Checkbook / Budget Software

Georges Budget for Excel is a simple spreadsheet that uses Microsoft Excel to makes budgeting fun and that is easy to learn and get started.

One of the key differences between Quicken and Georges Budget for Excel is that Quicken requires a subscription fee to join its membership and to gain full use of its features and updates. Quicken requires a recurring payment for continued full use of its software such as the automated download of transactions. This recurring billing can add up over time, especially when you start calculating the cost of subscription fees over many years.

Georges Budget for Excel is a one time payment for a particular version that you are interested in. There is no requirement to purchase a newer version if one is released. When it comes to budgeting, this alone can save you money. A big problem with subscription software is that you have to make sure that you cancel your subscription if you no longer want to use it or to turn off auto renewal of your subscription.

Another key difference is Quicken includes automated download of your bank transactions and balances. Georges Budget for Excel includes an easy manual import of bank transactions via a csv file. This manual process gives you control over which transactions you want to copy into the checkbook registers and which transactions you want to directly enter into the checkbook registers.

Georges Budget for Excel provides both online support and email support directly from the creator of the software so your questions get answered quickly.

Because Georges Budget for Excel used Microsoft Excel, users get to take advantage of some great reporting features including amazing dashboards which automatically update as your enter your transactions and show you a snapshot of your finances to help you make better financial decisions. Georges Budget for Excel (versions 14 and higher) include powerful PivotTable reports allowing the user full control over the type and look reports.

Both Quicken and Georges Budget for Excel include checkbook registers where you can manage your checking accounts, credit card accounts and savings accounts.

If you plan to cancel your Quicken subscription and move to Georges Budget for Excel, you can export your Quicken transactions into a csv file and then transfer the transactions with a simple copy into Georges Budget for Excel.


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Georges Budget for Excel

Stop Quickens recurring billing for personal finance software and get simple checkbook software with integrated budget spreadsheet to help manage your finances.

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