How to Enter Transfers of Money Between Accounts in the Excel Registers

Applies to Excel templates: "Georges Budget for Excel", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register", "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac"

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How to record transfers between accounts in Excel registers?

Transfers between your financial accounts is common when tracking more than one bank account such as a checking account, savings account or money market account. There are times when you might want to move extra money that is sitting in your checking account and moving it to an interest bearing money market or interest bearing savings account where your money can grow or you have a savings plan and regularly transfer money to your savings account to meet your savings goals.

Transfers from one Excel register account to another Excel register account must be manually entered in both Excel registers. It is simple to transfer funds between accounts in the Excel checkbook software.

Example of how to enter transfers between your accounts

For example, you transfer $500.00 from your checking account to your savings account. To record this in the Excel checkbook registers:

  • Enter the transaction (Transfer out) in your Excel checking account register in the amount of -$500.00.
  • Enter the transaction (Transfer in) in your Excel savings account register in the amount of $500.00. 

Excel Checkbook Software Transfers Between Accounts


Transfer money between accounts in excel checkbook register


Note: Georges Excel Checkbook Register v4, Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac v4, and Georges Excel Checkbook Register v5 do not have a separate Custom Category List worksheet and the related Drop Down Category Selection in the registers but you can still enter the transfers by typing the transfer categories in each of the 2 registers you are doing the transfer to and transfer from.


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