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How to Print an Excel Spreadsheet Worksheet

How to print in Excel

You have to adjust the print setting within the Microsoft Excel program.

Depending on the version of Excel you are using, the setting differ, but generally when setting up the print setting within the Excel program adjust the following settings as needed:

  1. Adjust the scaling
    1. Select "Fit all columns on one page" (Shrink the printout so that it is one page wide)
    2. Select "Fit sheet one page" (Shrink the printout so that it fits on one page)  This is helpful for the monthly calendar spreadsheet. Note: If the Excel worksheet contains too many cells of data, then the font will be hard to read on the printout because it will be too small since Excel is trying to fit the entire worksheet on a single page that is printed. Excel may not be able to fit the entire worksheet on a single page that is printed and it may print out on more than one page. You can always view before printing the Excel worksheet using the print preview.
  2. Use the print pages from ___ to ___. (to limit printing to only specific pages)
  3. Using landscape (vs portrait) may allow for larger print size.
  4. Using narrow margins may allow for larger print size.
  5. For those Excel templates that are not password protected, such as the Excel calendars, you can adjust the cell formatting including font size, width of the columns, and the height of the rows, which can impact the Excel worksheet printout and whether or not you can fit the worksheet on a single page printout.

Do not click the Page Layout icon on the status bar at the bottom of Excel or located in the View Tab of Excels ribbon as this will cause the Freeze Panes to be turned off on sheets that have them (for example the Registers) and the Freeze Panes can't be turned back on because the sheets are protected. Note, this only impacts certain versions of Excel. If you lose the Freeze Panes there are two different options to turn them back on:

  1. You can close Excel template that you are working on without saving the Freeze Panes that were turned off, but you may loose some work that you did. Or
  2. If Excel template was saved after the Freeze Panes were turned off, use a backup copy that has the Freeze Panes turned on.

Options to View Your Data besides Hard Copy Paper Print

There may be times when you want to print the Excel checkbook spreadsheet or print the reports and charts, however typically it will be sufficient to just view the Excel templates on your monitor. The data that you add to the Excel spreadsheet template can be viewed on your monitor when the Excel file is open in the Microsoft Excel program. You can view the transactions in the Registers, Accounts Summary, Reports & Charts, if any. You can also change the zoom level. In Excel, you can change the Zoom level while the Excel file is open. However, changing the Zoom level too small, may cause some data to display as ######.  Just increase the Zoom level if this happens. See the Excel help article titled how to zoom in or out of an Excel worksheet for more specific details. Also, you can save the Excel worksheet as a .pdf file and view it within Adobe reader.


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