Zoom in or out of a Excel worksheet: Change worksheet zoom level

How to Zoom in or Zoom out of an Excel Worksheet

Two options to change the Excel zoom level

  1. You can zoom in or out of an Excel worksheet by clicking the Zoom slider in the Microsoft Excel status bar. The status bar is in bottom right portion of the Microsoft Excel program. Slide to the percentage zoom setting that you want. Click the - or + buttons to zoom in gradual increments. Also, next to the zoom slider in the status bar, there is the percentage amount related to the zoom level. If you click the percentage, a zoom dialog window will open up where you can select predefined zoom levels or enter a custom zoom level.
  2. Using the Excel Ribbon (Menu), you can try the following different options:
    1. Click the View tab, and in the Zoom group, click Zoom 100%.
    2. Click the View tab, and in the Zoom group, click Zoom to Selection, which maximizes the view of cells that you've selected.
    3. Click the View tab, and in the Zoom group, click Zoom, and then enter a percentage or choose any other settings that you want.


Excel how to zoom in zoom out of worksheet


Change zoom in out level excel worksheet


Why Zoom in or Zoom out of an Excel Worksheet

You can zoom in an Excel worksheet to get a close-up view (larger view) of your data on the worksheet or you can zoom out to see more of the data that is on the Excel worksheet at a reduced (smaller) size. Changing the Excel zoom level affects how much of a worksheet you can view on your monitor or screen.

Each Excel worksheet in and Excel file can have its own zoom level that can be set. If you want to save the zoom levels that you set for each worksheet, you need to save the Excel file.

Changing the Excel worksheets zoom level affects the size / magnification level of the worksheet that you see on your desktop monitor, laptop screen, or tablet screen. Changing the Excel zoom level does not change the font size or formatting of data in any of the cells on the worksheet. Changing the Excel zoom level does not change or affect your Excel print settings or printouts. If you want to print your Excel template, see this help article how to print an Excel spreadsheet worksheet.

If you change the zoom level to small, you may see ###### in a particular cell instead of the actual value of that cell. The actual contents in the cell did not change but Excel was unable to display the contents of the cell at that smaller zoom level. If that happens, just zoom out.

Other options in Microsoft Excel to adjust the size of what you see on the screen or in print include adjusting the font size and adjusting the Excel print settings such as adjust the scaling. Some of the Excel templates such as the Excel checkbook registers, checkbook software, and budget spreadsheets that are available on BuyExcelTemplate.com are locked in terms of changing the font size so adjusting the zoom level and print settings are the other options. The Excel calendar spreadsheets are not password locked so you can change the font size, cells shading and colors and other cell formatting as needed to make your Excel calendars more personalized.


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