How to Unblock Excel File After Downloading

Applies to All Excel templates on installed on a Windows Computer (not MAC computer) including: "Georges Budget for Excel", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register"

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How to unblock an Excel file after downloading from Internet?

Depending on your Microsoft Windows settings on your PC computer, you may need to Unblock the Excel file after downloading the Excel file from the Internet. (You do not have to unblock the Excel file if you are using a MAC computer, as this does not apply to MAC computers) See instructions below to unblock the Excel file or see if you need to unblock the Excel file.



Open File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) and find the Excel file that you purchased and downloaded. Without opening the Excel file, right click on the Excel file and in the window that opens, click PROPERTIES, and then in the window that opens, click the GENERAL tab, and then put a checkmark in the box next to Unblock (or click Unblock box if there is no box to put a checkmark). Then click APPLY. and then click OK.  See image below for example.


Unblock file windows 10 - Excel file properties


If you don't see the section that says to unblock, then you do not need to do anything as the Excel file is already unblocked. See example in image below:




After Unblocking the Excel file, you can now open the Excel file and either start using it or in some cases you need to enable macros if the Excel file has macros.

In the case of one of my Excel templates that you purchased and downloaded, if you opened the Excel file prior to Unblocking the file as noted above and you received the message, "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened", that message is probably related to the blocking as a Windows security feature as noted in the first image above it states that "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." That is because the Excel template was downloaded from the Internet. Before opening the Excel file again, first Unblock the Excel file as noted in the instructions above and you will not receive that message again when you open the Excel file.


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