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Excel Fitness Tracker - Weight Tracker for Year 2019

Excel Fitness Tracker - Weight Tracker for Year 2019

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2019 fitness planner and weight loss tracker for calendar year 2019 in simple to use Excel template spreadsheet. Plan your daily and monthly workout schedule and keep track of what exercise you completed. Track your weight loss goals on a weekly basis and see how your are progressing to your weight goals in an easy to view chart.

Planning a exercise schedule is an important step to get in shape and lose weight.  This fitness excel template helps with the scheduling a fitness plan and tracking your success in meeting that plan for the year 2019. The excel template and help set up a weight plan for 2019 and track your progress towards meeting your weight loss goals and desired weight.

Whether your 2019 fitness goals are to exercise more or lose more weight, this Excel workout calendar can help you plan your exercise routines whether you plan to warmup, run, jog, bicycle, walk, swim, or stretch. 

The Excel worksheets included in the 2019 fitness and weight spreadsheet include:

1) 2019 Exercise and Weight Tracker: calendar on a single page to track actual weight vs weight goals and track whether completed exercise plans for the calendar year 2019

2) 2019 monthly calendar to plan your workout routines

  • January 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • February 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • March 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • April 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • May 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • June 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • July 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • August 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • September 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • October 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • November 2019 monthly calendar workout planner
  • December 2019 monthly calendar workout planner

3) 2019 Full Year on single page (worksheet) for planning special fitness events such as 5K runs, 3k walks, and other fitness activities like charity fitness events

There are alot of different devices to track your fitness such as wearable devices, watches, fitness apps for the phone, online fitness websites, and software. Finding the best fitness trackers or top fitness planners and best weight loss planners can be challenging given the amount of choices. If you are looking for simple Excel spreadsheet to help plan your workouts and track them and your weight, then Georges Fitness and Weight Tracker for Year 2019 is an option you can consider.

In addition to eating right, exercise is also important for your overall health and maintaining your desired weight and this Excel fitness template can help you plan your exercises and track your weight throughout the 2019 calendar year.

While you may find while browsing online free 2019 calendar templates for Excel, consider Georges Excel Fitness and Weight Tracker for Year 2019 to help track your exercise and weight goals. You can use this Excel template with the free "Excel Online" app or the full desktop version of Excel along with Microsoft OneDrive so that you can access your workout and weight loss tracker on your computer from any location where you have internet access. Since this 2019 templates is a single user license, may sure that if you store you Excel template online using Microsoft OneDrive that you store in a password protected folder so that only you have access to the Excel template. If you need multiple people to have access to the Excel calendar template, then you can purchase more licenses as needed.

System Requirements:

  • PC with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, or Excel for Office 365. 
    (standalone version or part of Office 365 subscription)
  • Mac computer with Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel for Office 365 for Mac.
    (standalone version or part of Office 365 subscription)
  • The 2019 Excel calendar template is not compatible with Google Sheets (Google Spreadsheets)
  • Weight is currently only in lbs. (pounds)

License Terms:

By purchasing you agree with the License Terms / Terms of Sale.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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Natalie A. (British Columbia)
Fitness Tracker Review

LOVED IT! Totally helped me keep up with my goals. I use it all the time.


Lesa D. (Florida)
Does what it says

Easy to use. Does what it says it does. Clear directions on how it works.