Enable Macros in Excel for Mac

Applies to Excel templates: "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac" and "Georges Budget Spreadsheet for Mac" "Georges Budget for Excel", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register"

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How to enable macros on Excel for Mac 2016?

While Excel 2016 for Mac and Excel 2016 for Windows are more similar in features than ever before, there are still differences including differences in Excel settings and also the VBA macros and how to enable macros. To enable macros in Excel 2016 for Mac, please view the Microsoft help article on how to enable macros in Excel 2016 for Mac.


Macros Run on Open and Closing of File

When you enable macros and "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac" opens and properly runs those macros, certain Excel default settings will be changed. These changed settings will apply to other Excel files you open if "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac" is open, unless you open those files in a different instance/session of Excel. Excels default settings will be changed to the following settings each time "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac" is opened and its macros enabled.

  • The drag and drop feature and fill handle will be turned off.
  • Background error-checking will be disabled.
  • Include new rows and columns in table will be disabled.
  • Fill Formulas in Tables to create calculated columns will be disabled.
  • Show paste options buttons will be disabled.
  • AutoRecover for this workbook only ("Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac") will be disabled.
  • Display AutoCorrect options will be disabled.
  • After pressing Enter move selection to the Right (as opposed to down)

If "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac" macros have been enabled and they properly execute and you then close "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac", the above changed settings will be restored to Excels default settings with exception of the AutoRecover for this workbook only ("Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac").



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