How to Delete Checking, Credit Card, and Savings Accounts

Applies to Excel templates: "Georges Budget for Excel", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register", "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac"

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How to delete an account?

  • If you want to delete an account and all the transactions in the register of that account, first delete all the transactions in the corresponding register by selecting all the transactions in that register and then press the Delete key on the keyboard or by using the Clear Contents command.  Then go to the Accounts Summary sheet and click the appropriate "A/E" button and clear the Account Name and Account Type fields and press OK.

Why delete an account?

  • If you do not want to track an account that you added to the personal budget spreadsheet or checkbook software spreadsheet, and you want to remove the transactions from the registers and Account Name and Account Type from the Accounts Summary, you can delete the bank accounts and credit card accounts. For example, you may have opened a saving account at your local bank and then added it to the budget software or checkbook software but you had no transactions or activity in the account so you decide to close the saving account and delete the account from the personal finance software or Excel checkbook software. Or you may have had an account that had transactions but you closed the account at your financial institution and want to remove it from the budget software. Or you may have added a dummy account to the budget spreadsheet and added some test transactions to learn the software and now want to delete the dummy test account. Please note that if you delete the register transactions and associated account name and account type in the Accounts Summary, that information will be gone from the Excel file if you save the Excel file after you perform the steps to delete an account. Before you delete an account, make a backup copy of the Excel file that has the information you plan to delete and name the backup copy appropriately.


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