How to Search for Data in Excel Checkbook App: Excel Find Replace tool

Applies to Excel templates: "Georges Budget for Excel", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register", "Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac"

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Search in Excel for data in the checkbook registers

Press Ctrl+F (Excel find keyboard shortcut) to search for data in the Excel checkbook registers. In the individual checkbook registers, you can search for data in all the following editable columns: Date, Check, Description, Memo, Rec, Category, and Amount. In the combined register, you can search data in all columns. You can narrow down your search by selecting a specific column or range of data before searching. If Excel search find your search in the checkbook spreadsheet, it will select the cell it finds or let you know that Excel could not find what you are looking for. You can also use the Filter arrows in the column heading of each register to filter and search for data in the checkbook app. 

Specific issues with searching dates in checkbook app

When searching for dates in the Date column of the checkbook spreadsheet, after pressing Ctrl+F keys to bring up the search window, if you are searching for the date 04/01/2020, change the "Look in" option to "Values" in the search window and in the "Find what" option type 04/01/2020, exactly as it appears in the Date column.  Click Find Next or Find All to search for your data. See image below:


How to search in Excel checkbook registers



Specific issues with searching amounts in checkbook software

When searching for amounts in the Amount field, change the "Look in" option to "Values" in the search window and in the "Find what" option type exactly as the amount as it appears in the Amount field such as -$1,500.00 including commas, negative amount sign, period and dollar sign. See image below: 


Excel search checkbook-spreadsheet


Excel "Find and Replace" feature is not available in the Excel checkbook spreadsheets because the formulas in the checkbook spreadsheet are locked and password locking the Excel formulas also locks Excel's replace feature.



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