Georges Budget for Excel: Version History

Applies to Excel template: Georges Budget for Excel v18Georges Budget for Excel v17Georges Budget for Excel v16, "Georges Budget for Excel v15", "Georges Budget for Excel v14" and "Georges Budget for Excel v12"

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What are new versions vs updates of software

Software applications like Microsoft Office, Windows, macOS, personal budgeting apps, and even Excel budget templates like Georges Budget for Excel can change with things such as software improvements, new features, layout enhancements, security enhancements, and if needed software bug fixes.

With software subscription services like Office 365, there are also software updates but these are typically done automatically behind the scenes so a version numbers becomes less important and visible since you do not have to buy the new version but pay a monthly fee which includes the updates.

There are different computer terms to describe these changes, such as new versions, new releases, software upgrades, and software updates.

As it relates to the Excel template, Georges Budget for Excel, the following terms are used:

  • New versions (software upgrades): New versions may include new features, software improvements, or software design and layout changes. If you have an older version of Georges Budget for Excel and a newer version of Georges Budget for Excel is released, the new version must be purchased separately if you want the new version.
  • Software Updates: Updates will not include new features but only bug fixes (software bug fixes related to errors where the software is not working as intended). Software updates are delivered by way of a download link via email. If you want to be emailed software updates, you need to be on the mailing list so that the updated software can be emailed to you. Updates to the software will take the form of an updated copy of the software delivered digitally.

If you purchase a newer version or receive an updated version of the Georges Budget for Excel and want to transfer your data to the newer version or updated copy from an older version, the data you entered in the older version needs to be copied to the newer version or updated copy of the software as noted in the help section Transfer Data from Prior Version to Latest Version.

Customer feedback is encouraged to help make the Excel budget template better with new improvements with each new version. Georges Budget for Excel is not subscription based software. Each version requires a separate one-time purchase and buying newer versions is optional and is really only needed if you want to take advantage of the new features and improvements of the new version. Georges Budget for Excel reviews are also taken into consideration when creating new versions of the Excel templates.

    Georges Budget for Excel Version History 

    (see side by side budget software comparison)

    Georges Budget for Excel v18

    • New: Added two additional registers for a total of 14 accounts, helping you to manage more accounts (prior version had a maximum of 12 registers)
    • New: New: Added "Account Type" Excel slicer to the Pivot Table Net Worth Chart so you can easily filter your accounts by all Assets accounts or all Liabilities accounts.
    • New: In the top summary section of the 14 account registers, added a count of the Total Cleared transactions similar to the existing count for Total Outstanding items giving you another tool to help you reconcile your checking account.


    Georges Budget for Excel v17

    • New YoY (Year over Year) Chart Dashboard spreadsheet reports which are dynamically updated as you enter checkbook and credit card transactions. Includes cumulative totals for better analysis of our personal finances. 
    • New Actual vs Budget Chart Dashboard spreadsheet with cumulative budget and cumulative actual amount comparisons to help you stay on budget for the month and the year to date.
    • New Actual vs Budget template for the time period of Beginning of Calendar Year to End of Selected Month allowing for date ranges that include multiple months.
    • New: Improved the Excel Chart Dashboard worksheet that was introduced in the prior version.
    • New: Improved navigation among the different Excel Reports & Charts worksheets

    Georges Budget for Excel v16

    • New Personal Finances Dashboard (Chart Dashboard) to help you visually manage your monthly budgeting and see monthly income and expense totals and savings in both Excel chart and Excel table formats. Includes cumulative income and spending totals.
    • New extra column labeled Tag added to each checkbook register so you can enter extra information related to your financial transactions entered in the Excel registers.
    • New 12 month budget table where you can set a different budget amount for each of the 12 months for a particular category to better match income and expenses that change each month or during the year.
    • New: Added additional macro navigational buttons to the top of the individual Excel checkbook registers: One to navigate to the Master Register (all 12 account registers combined worksheet) and one button to navigate to the new Excel Chart Dashboard.

    Georges Budget for Excel v15 - released 2021

    • Net Worth Tracker Charts and Data. Track your balances and net worth over time in all your 12 accounts such as checking, savings, credit card, home value, mortgage debt, and retirement account balance so you can get a visual picture over time of the value of your assets and debts, whether it be the value of one account, a combination of accounts, or all accounts combined.
    • Added two additional registers for a total of 12 accounts, thus allowing you to manage more accounts such as checking accounts, saving accounts, credit card accounts, or other asset and liability accounts.
    • In the registers, new reconciliation feature that will filter the register transactions and only show those register transactions that are cleared / reconciled (marked with an R in the "Rec" field) and also give you a subtotal of those filtered transactions that have been marked as cleared / reconciled. Prior version only had a button in the registers to show outstanding transactions.
    • All the account registers have a new button to click called "Go To Today". Clicking the "Go To Today" button sorts the transactions in the register by oldest date to newest date and then takes you to the section of transactions in the register that contains Todays date or the date closest to Todays date. Great for customers who forecast future cash flows by entering future dated transactions in the registers to see if they will have enough money to cover their expenses based on estimated future earnings and estimated future expenses.
    • In budget vs actual reports section of the software, you can now view monthly budget vs actual reports and yearly budget vs actual reports up to 3 full years beyond the current date, thus allowing you to view future dated transactions that you entered into the registers. In the prior version, you could only view future dated transactions up to the current month or current year in those same reports. The custom pivot table report already had the capability to run reports based on future dated transactions.
    • Added "Account Name" Excel slicer to the custom Pivot Table report so you can filter the custom income and expense reports to show data from all accounts (registers), a select group of accounts, or a single account. The Excel slicers make it very simple to filter you data by accounts, because the account names will be visible to you to select with just a mouse click as apposed to being hidden in a drop down filter button in the Pivot Table report.
    • The Excel menu buttons above the registers have been updated with both layout and colors changes to make it easier to enter data in the registers, navigate to other sections of the software, and reconcile your bank account thus saving you time when managing your money.

    Georges Budget for Excel v14.0 - released Oct 2020

    • New consolidated register of all transactions from all 10 accounts/registers combined. This combined register is automatically created as you enter transactions in one of the 10 separate registers whether the registers are for checking accounts, savings accounts, or credit card accounts.
    • New user customizable reports (For example, monthly income vs spending reports and many other reports that you can create such as expense reports based on the categories and descriptions assigned to a transaction).
    • New: add more custom categories. You can now add up to 50 income categories and 200 spending categories. You can add, delete, or edit the categories. In the prior version, there was a maximum of 15 income categories and maximum of 80 spending categories.
    • New: increased the widths in register columns making it easier to see and enter in more information in the Excel checkbook registers and Excel credit card account register spreadsheets.

    Georges Budget for Excel v12.0 - released September 2019

    • In addition to Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC computers, the budget spreadsheet is now compatible with Mac Computers. Mac computer must have Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac (Excel for Office 365 for Mac), Excel 2019 for Mac, or Excel 2021 for Mac. See product page for full system requirements.
    • In the Monthly/Yearly Actual vs Budget worksheets, charts are replaced with in cell Excel data bars.
    • In the Accounts Summary, Excel sparklines are used for the last 6 months mini charts of the Expense Categories to Watch section. Excel data bars have replaced some of the charts.
    • The Monthly Budget vs Actual and Yearly Budget vs Actual Reporting worksheets allow you to view data from prior years going back 20 years assuming data that far back was entered into the checkbook registers.

    Georges Budget for Excel v10.0 - released March 2018

    • There are now 10 Excel checkbook registers. So you can keep track of up to 10 different accounts. (prior version has maximum of 7 Excel checkbook registers)
    • Each Excel checkbook register now has 4000 rows, so you can enter more transactions (prior version has 1500 rows per Excel checkbook register).
    • The Excel checkbook registers now display green, red, and yellow indicator lights directly next to the amounts you enter so you can more easily scan and spot positive amounts (green indicator lights), negative amounts (red indicator lights) and 0 amounts (yellow indicator lights).

    Georges Budget for Excel v7.0

    • The Reports and Charts section now has a Yearly report in addition to the current Monthly report of the Excel budget template.
    • New reconciliation totals to help make account reconciliations easier. Now, each Excel checkbook register has totals at the top of each register for Total Outstanding (dollar amount and # of transactions), Total Cleared, and Register Balance. Also, when you mark a transaction as Cleared/Reconciled with an "R" in the Rec field, an easy to see Green Checkmark will show next to the transaction, and this will adjust those reconciliation totals at the top of the Excel checkbook register.
    • The Excel budget template file opens and saves faster due to change in file format. (new Excel file format used is .xlsb versus old format of .xlsm)

    Georges Budget for Excel v5.0

    • Three additional checkbook registers were added to the Excel budget template for a total of 7 accounts. The prior version had total of 4 checkbook registers.
    • The Reports and Charts worksheet was redesigned to show Monthly Actual vs Budget data, Excel charts, and percent of budget amounts.
    • The Accounts Summary worksheet now includes a section titled Category Report and Charts to see trends in your financial data.

    Georges Budget for Excel v4.0

    • The Excel checkbook registers layout and look was changed.
    • The Category List & Budget worksheet layout and look was changed.
    • The Reports & Charts worksheet layout and look was changed.
    • The Help sheet layout and look was changed.
    • The 6 Month Mini Charts in the Accounts Summary have been updated to show small gaps between the column charts.
    • The Yearly and Monthly Income Statement charts in the Accounts Summary have new colors: the Income amounts will be the green column charts, the Expense amounts will be the red column charts, and the Net amounts will be the blue column charts.

    Georges Budget for Excel v3.1

    • The Accounts Summary Expense Categories to Watch section now includes mini charts for last last six months of a expense category to see trends in your spending.
    • All reports and charts in the Excel budget spreadsheet, no matter what worksheet of the Excel budget template they are in, are now based on all data in all Registers even if Filters are applied in the Registers. In the prior version, data that was Filtered out (hidden) in the Registers was excluded from all reports and charts. The only exception to this is if you filter data directly in a particular register, the subtotal at the button of that register, in cell G4005, is based on just the visible rows and not the hidden rows in that particular register.

    Georges Budget for Excel v3.0

    • The Accounts Summary of the Excel budget spreadsheet now has the look of an Excel dashboard.

    Georges Budget for Excel v2.0

    • First release to the public. Excel checkbook software with integrated personal budgeting.


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