Georges Excel Checkbook Register: Changelog - Version History

Applies to Excel template: "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v13", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v11"   "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v10", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v7", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v5" and "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v4"

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    Georges Excel Checkbook Register Version History

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    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v13 - released 2024

    • Manage more financial accounts, up to 14 accounts, whether checking accounts, credit card accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts, retirement accounts, and more.
    • New checkbook reconciliation tool automatically totals a count of the total number of transactions in your accounts that have been marked as cleared (reconciled) which can save you time when viewing this Excel dynamic reconciliation report.
    • Advanced Net Worth Report now features the ability to more easily visualize your money in charts by being able to group all your cash accounts and all your debt accounts with a single click


    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v11 - released 2023

    • Now you can split a single transaction into more than one category. Provides for more accurate reporting so you can make better financial decisions based on what items you are spending your money on and what categories you need to cut back on so you can save more money
    • The excel registers have an additional field named "Tag" allowing you to enter extra pertinent financial information to describe the transaction and create reports and charts based on that Tag column such as personal vs business expenses.
    • Recategorize your custom categories that you entered into the registers if you want to change a category name. For example, you labeled your 100 eating out purchases as "Dining" and now you can rename those transactions to another category such as "Restaurants" in a quick bulk edit  (find and replace) instead of manually editing one by one.
    • The checkbook spreadsheet has improved navigation saving you time.

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v10 - released 2022

    • Checkbook includes Income Tracker / Expense Tracker / Savings Tracker Dashboard plus Excel charts and tables that are auto calculated to help you save time and save money. 
    • Checkbook Dashboard Report to track Income and Spending Categories and compare This Year to Last Year and Last Year to Two Years ago to see your money over time.
    • The checkbook has improved navigation to and from the Income and Expense Dashboards

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8 - released 2021

    • New net worth wealth tracker to track the running balances of all your financial accounts in the checkbook registers over time in charts. The checkbook register running balance formulas and net worth reports are automatically calculated for you with Excel functions, Excel formulas and Excel pivot tables.
    • 12 account registers to track your personal finances
    • Custom income and spending reports can now be easily filtered by account name using Excel slicers linked to the custom pivot table reports.
    • In the Excel checkbook registers, there is now an Excel VBA macro to take you to transactions dated Today or near Today.
    • New Excel tool to help you with how to reconcile your bank account. In the checkbook software registers, a new Excel VBA macro filters and provides a subset of all cleared transactions (reconciled transactions) and calculates a total of the cleared transactions to help improve the account reconciliation process so that your account stays in balance and reconciled.
    • The checkbook registers menu system has been updated making it easier to navigate to other sections of the checkbook software, reconcile your bank accounts, and manage data in the account registers.

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v7 - released September 2020

    • New customizable pivot table reports (such as monthly income vs spending reports and many more reports that you can create such as expense reports based on the categories and descriptions assigned to a transaction).
    • New master register of all transactions from all 10 accounts/registers combined which you can use to search, filter and get subtotals such as total spent on groceries across all accounts or specific accounts. This master register is automatically created as you enter transactions in one of the 10 separate accounts/registers.
    • New Category List worksheet to add, edit, or delete your own categories. Plus, the registers now have a dropdown list to easily and quickly add a category to a transaction thus saving you time instead of manually typing in each category when entering a transaction in one the the financial account registers such as a checkbook register or credit card register.

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v5 - released September 2019

    • There are now 10 registers. So you can keep track of up to 10 different accounts in the checkbook app (prior version has maximum of 7 registers). This feature of the checkbook app will benefit more people who have several checking accounts, savings accounts, and multiple credit cards to take advantage and earn different rewards such as travel rewards credit cards or cash back credit cards.
    • Each register now has 4000 rows, so you can enter more transactions (prior version has 1500 rows per register) in the Excel checkbook registers.
    • In addition to the green check mark for cleared items, there is a yellow exclamation point to signify a transaction is outstanding helping you reconcile your checking accounts easier in the Excel checkbook spreadsheet.
    • Each register in the top right summary section, now includes a count of the total number of outstanding transactions in addition to a $ amount outstanding making for easy account reconciliation.
    • Redesigned macro buttons at top of each Excel register to be more descriptive and multi-colored making it easier to navigate the checkbook software.

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v4 (Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac v4)

    • Added cross platform compatibility with PC and Mac computers so you can use on different computer operating systems (Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS) if have both types of computers. Prior version was only compatible with Windows PC computers.

    Georges Excel Checkbook Register v3

    • Initial release: Easy checkbook software to replace paper checkbook register and help simplify managing your finances by automating the calculations of checkbook running balances and totals. Track multiple accounts (multi account checkbook app) in the Excel checkbook registers and the Excel credit card account registers with simple checkbook spreadsheet template.


      New versions compared to updates of software

      Software programs like Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft 365, macOS, iOS for Apple iphones, Android for phones, Google Chrome and Google sheets, personal money management apps, and Excel checkbook templates like Georges Excel Checkbook Register could change with things such as software advancements, new features such as faster speed load times and faster saving, layout and color changes, better security to prevent software hacks, software fraud, software identify fraud, and software bug patches.

      Popular subscription services like Microsoft 365 also have software updates but these are typically done automatically behind the scenes so a version number becomes less important and visible since you do not have to buy the new version but pay a monthly subscription fee which includes the new features.

      There are different computer terms to describe these changes, such as new versions, new releases, software upgrades, and software updates.

      As it pertains to the Excel templates on and Georges Excel Checkbook Register, the following terminology is used:

      • New versions (software upgrades): New versions may include new features, software improvements, or software design and layout changes. If you have an older version of Georges Excel Checkbook Register and a newer version of Georges Excel Checkbook Register is released, the new version must be purchased separately if you want the new version.
      • Software Updates: Updates will not include new features but only bug fixes (software bug fixes related to errors where the software is not working as intended). Software updates are delivered by way of a download link via email. If you want to be emailed software updates, you need to be on the mailing list so that the updated software can be emailed to you. Updates to the software will take the form of an updated copy of the software delivered digitally.

      Data and registers transactions and be quickly and easily transferred from one version to another version. If you purchase a newer version or receive an updated version of the Georges Excel Checkbook Register and want to transfer your data to the newer version or updated copy from an older version, the data you entered in the older version needs to be copied to the newer version or updated copy of the software as noted in the help section Transfer Data from Prior Version to Latest Version.

      Reviews and customer feedback is encouraged since they are coming from customers using the checkbook software. These reviews and feedback can help make the Excel checkbook register spreadsheet better with new features in the new versions with the goal of making it the best checkbook software spreadsheet. Georges Excel Checkbook Register is not subscription based software. Each version requires a separate one-time purchase and buying newer versions is optional and is really only needed if you want to take advantage of the new features and improvements of the new version.


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