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Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8 | Checkbook App for Windows PC and Mac | Expense Tracker

Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8 | Checkbook App for Windows PC and Mac | Expense Tracker

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Checkbook spreadsheet template with wealth and spending tracker. The checkbook software tracks multiple accounts and creates weekly, biweekly, and monthly income and spending reports based on custom categories that you create. Easily reconcile your bank accounts and reconcile your credit card accounts with the checkbook reconciliation features. Track your wealth including your assets and lability in charts to see how your assets are growing over time and how your debts are paid down over time.

Checkbook Software New Features:

  1. New net worth tracker graphs to see the value of all your accounts over time in chart form and table form. 
  2. The Excel checkbook software allows you to track more of your financial accounts by adding two more registers for a total of 12 accounts. Before this version, the maximum number of accounts that you could manage in the checkbook software was 10 accounts.
  3. The checkbook software custom pivot table spending reports now includes an Account Type slicer so you can filter your income and expense reports to include one account, a select group of accounts, or all of your accounts just by clicking the account names in the Account Type slicer.
  4. The checkbook app registers now includes a new macro called "Go To Today" that will take you to the current date and closest to the current date is no transactions have the current date. This is a great new feature of the checkbook software especially for those you want to enter transactions that are dated in the future to forecast their cash flows.
  5. Having the right tools to help you reconcile your checkbook is very important. The checkbook app now includes a new macro in the registers that will filter the transaction and only show all cleared transactions (all reconcile transactions) and subtotal the reconciled transactions. This is in addition to the reconciliation tool that filtered and showed all outstanding transactions and subtotaled the outstanding transactions.


Checkbook Software App Tools: (watch video video icon below for overview)

  • The checkbook software spreadsheet can benefit you no matter what your financial situation is whether you are ultra wealthy and have a high net worth or whether you are living paycheck to paycheck looking to become wealthy because in both financial scenarios the checkbook app provides tools to manage your cash, wealth, retirements accounts, and debts.
  • The Excel checkbook register can track multiple financial accounts in the registers in different combination. You can track different bank accounts  (cash accounts) including checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. You can track different credit card accounts where you are requirement to make a minimum payment each month of which a portion of the payment is applied towards the credit card balance and a portion of the payment is applied toward interest expense. You can track charge card accounts where the full balance is due at the end of each month. You can track car loans, home equity loans, retirement account balances such as Roth IRA retirement accounts and 401K retirement accounts, You can track the value of your home and the mortgage on the home if any thus allow you to see how the equity build in your home over time. You can track the value of your investments in the registers and net worth tracker.
  • The Excel checkbook templates includes great tools to help you reconcile and balance your accounts so you do not have to search for tools on how to reconcile your accounts.
  • The checkbook software accounts summary has a great Excel financial dashboard to help you see all of your accounts balances, whether the account is an asset or liability and a snapshot of your net worth based on your total assets and total liabilities. The Excel dashboard also includes reconciliation schedules for each account including total dollar amount of cleared transactions, total dollar amount of outstanding transactions and a count of total outstanding and a Excel macro button that when you click it will take you to the account register and show you a list of the outstanding transactions and subtotal them.
  • The checkbook app software includes a master register that combines the transactions from all the separate account registers. This master combined account register is an amazing tool because you can filter the transactions by the following fields: account name, date, check number, description (payee), memo, reconciled or not reconcile, category, and amount of transaction and give you a subtotal of the filtered transactions. For example, you could filter by the restaurant category for a particular time period from particular accounts.
  • The checkbook register app with spending reports now has a custom reports based on pivot tables and all transactions from all accounts. So you can create custom income and spending category reports. You can use the timeline to filter transactions by different time and date periods to create weekly reports, biweekly reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports, biannual, and yearly reports. The customer reports also include an Excel slicer for account name so you can include one account, more than one account or all accounts in your reports.
  • The checkbook software allows you to create your own custom categories that you can assign to each transaction and run income and expense category reports. Create your own income categories and spending categories to apply to your financial situation.

The checkbook software template is a great tool to helping you get your financial freedom, helping you understand your big financial picture of your assets, liabilities and net worth over time thus helping you see key financial trends in your personal finances and helping you make important financial decisions with that information. Whether your financial goal is to be debt free or build a retirement nest egg to be able to retire early and travel, the Excel checkbook app provides a tool to help you reach your financial goals. Key tools include knowing whether you are making more from different sources of income (such as a job working for someone else or self employment income) than you are spending and making financial changes if needed . Those financial changes may taking a side job to bring in more money or cutting back on spending so that you are able to save money each month, invest the extra cash, pay down debt and put money into your retirement accounts.


Checkbook App System requirements:

  • PC (Microsoft Windows computer) with Excel for Microsoft 365 (previously called Excel for Office 365) (part of Office 365 subscription / Microsoft 365 subscription) or Microsoft Excel 2021
  • Mac Computer with Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac (Excel for Office 365 for Mac) (part of Office 365 subscription / Microsoft 365 subscription) or Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac. You need to have one of these specific versions of Microsoft Excel for Mac. Not compatible with Apple iPhone or Apple iPAD.
  • Supported in the United States, Canada, and Australia as amounts are formatted with the $ symbol.  The Date field in the Excel checkbook registers are formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.
  • The checkbook register software is not compatible with Google Sheets (Google Spreadsheets) as the Excel file contains custom Excel VBA macros and Excel functions and Excel formulas not compatible with Google sheets.
  • The Excel checkbook app is not compatible with Apple Numbers spreadsheets.
  • The Excel checkbook register template is not compatible with Microsoft's free "Excel Online" app that is part of the free Office Online apps. These online apps are web browser based and have limited features compared to the full desktop version of Microsoft Excel.
  • The checkbook Excel template is not compatible with the Excel Mobile app whether using Android or iPhone. (Excel mobile app is part of Microsoft Office Mobile apps that allow you to use a feature reduced version of Excel on your compatible mobile phone and smaller tablet devices to review, update, and create spreadsheets). The Excel template requires one of the full desktop versions of Excel listed above under the system requirements.
  • The PC computer or Mac computer should have minimum 3 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM and SSD storage. Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8 requires those computer specs in order to run correctly.
  • Whether you are using a PC Windows computer with Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or an Apple Mac Computer running a particular version of the Apple macOS operating system, make sure your computer operating system is compatible with one of the listed compatible versions of Microsoft Excel and meets the other system requirements. If you are looking for checkbook software for Windows 11, checkbook software for Windows 10, checkbook software for PC, or checkbook software for macOS, compare this best selling checkbook software with categories and account reconciliation in Excel to other checkbook software with great reviews online.

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Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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TOM P. (Arizona)
No more QuickBooks

I have been using quick books for several years. When I purchased a new laptop I couldn’t transfer the quick books program over because they now require you to pay a yearly fee to use it. So I started looking for a new program to use. I only use it for my personal home finances as a check book register. I purchased George’s Excel Checkbook Register. It’s easy to use works great and very affordable. I’m very pleased with it and very happy I found it.