PivotTable Timeline to Filter Report Dates and Time Periods

Applies to Excel template: "Georges Budget for Excel v14", "Georges Budget for Excel v15", "Georges Budget for Excel v16", "Georges Budget for Excel v17", "Georges Budget for Excel v18", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v7", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v8", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v10", "Georges Excel Checkbook Register v11","Georges Monthly Budget Spreadsheet v8", and "Georges Monthly Budget Spreadsheet v10"

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What are PivotTable Timelines? (see how to video video icon below)

Creating a Income vs Expense report or spending report for specific time periods or dates is important to see how you are doing financially in a given period of time such as a calendar year, quarterly period, monthly periods, biweekly periods, weekly periods or even specific days.  PivotTable timelines allows you to dynamically create these custom reports by allowing you to visually select and filter specific data and time periods using a slider control, thus limiting your reports to transactions that meet your selected date filters.


How to create PivotTable Timelines to filter dates?

 In the checkbook software and monthly budget spreadsheet that have PivotTables, the PivotTable timeline has already been inserted in the Excel worksheet. However if you accidentally delete a timeline, you can insert it into the custom PivotTable worksheet by selected a cell in the PivotTable and then in the PivotTable ribbon group click Analyze > Insert Timeline. In the Insert Timeline dialog box, check the date fields you want (the one titled "Date"), and click OK.

After the timeline is inserted, you can move and resize the PivotTable timeline to position it within the custom reports worksheet.  Now, you can filter your reports by a time period in one of four time levels (years, quarters, months, or days) to create corresponding reports For example you can create yearly income vs spending reports (including multiyear reports), quarterly spending reports, monthly expense reports and daily income reports including custom day ranges.


Video: PivotTable Timelines



 PivotTable timeline to filter dates in budget spreadsheet



Create PivotTable timeline filter time periods in reports


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